Help! I'm Talking to Myself


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I truly believe this was meant for me... you unknowingly ministered to me... you hit how I was feeling right on the head.
Thoroughly enjoyed reading! I got through it in one sitting which is a testament to the captivating thought patterns and literary architecture - it truly blessed my spirit and I’m sure it will for many to come.
As I’m reading, it’s just like I can be taken to the place and time where I felt this same thing

a Thought to Reality

Book Tour Coming to a City  Near You!

Kelsey M. Maynor's Book  Signing and Celebration of Accomplishment

The launch of Help! I’m Talking to Myself! is an unabashed revitalization of hospitality, lifestyle and the art of elevation. Besides engaging with the author and societal man-about-town, Kelsey M. Maynor, guests will experience food, beverages, music and a stimulating panel discussions. The panel will consist of young and successful individuals who will offer a candid look into moments of navigating and surviving times of uncertainty, timidness, and lack of faith spurred greatness in an upscale setting. Oh, and let's not forget to CELEBRATE our Accomplishments!

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